Curried Chicken Pasta Salad

In an attempt to revitalise the long lost tradition of Recipe Monday today we bring you a quick recipe for Curried Chicken Pasta Salad (Yes, I do realise it is Tuesday today but this is still a Recipe Monday recipe, after all it was invented on a Monday). This recipe was invented out of frustration after finding out that none of the many recipe books that litter our house, not even the backbones of the collection Complete Illustrated Cookery Course by Delia Smith or Leiths Cookery Bible by Prue Leith and Caroline Waldegrave, actually contain a recipe for the epitome of a curried English summer dish – Coronation Chicken.
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Lemon Sole with Bacon and Mustard

Continuing the tradition started by drDave here we have first of what may yet become a weekly series of recipes. I can’t promise much but I will try to provide a worthwhile recipe once in a while.

This weeks culinary delight combines a variety of ingredients into a special meal – it may be wise before starting to prepare the dish to ensure that the kitchen is free of cats as they have been known to consume the bacon if left out for a few moments whilst you are preparing the lemon sole. In extreme circumstances, for example if the neighbourhood cats have not been fed for days, it may be necessary to purchase one or more extra packets of bacon as a peace offering to allow you to prepare your supper in peace.
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An interesting recipe for Mango Chutney Curry Chicken Salad from DrDave today – I think I’ll have to try this one soon. After all I am partial to a good curry.

I think I’ll be serving it with rice rather than Beluga Caviar!