WordPress 2.5 Contributors

In order to try and recognise the large number of contributors to WordPress 2.5 I have attempted to create a tag cloud using my powers of grep and sed and the wonderful tool that is tagcrowd.com

WordPress 2.5

WordPress 2.5 has been released.  Now is the right time to upgrade and give thanks to allow those people that brought it to you. You can read more about it here.

Giving WP Contact Form some love

As a user of Ryan Duff’s WP-ContactForm plugin for a long time I thought I would see if I could get it updated to work better with more recent versions of WordPress.  The trunk version on dev.wp-plugins.org had not been updated in over a year and there were many reports of it causing problems with the new media library in WordPress 2.5 over on the wp-testers list.  After talking with Ryan via email he agreed to let me take over development of the plugin and I pushed out a small update last night which fixed the issues I knew about in the trunk version.  I hope to get the plugin updated some more over the coming weeks to take advantage of some of the other features in WordPress like nonces and the shortcodes available in WordPress 2.5.

Debugging ajax problems with firebug.

Now WordPress 2.5 RC1 is out it the wild for testing we are receiving some reports of strange problems with some of the ajax functionality in the admin pages so I have prepared a quick tutorial to help people collect the relevant debugging information to help us investigate the problems.

Here is how to prepare:

  1. Install Firefox (if you don’t have it already!)
  2. Install firebug. This is the web debugging tool of choice.
  3. Load up the relevant WordPress admin page that is not working for you.

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