Keeping track of traffic problems via the web

There are a number of different free and paid for sites on the web that allow you to keep track of current traffic problems that might affect you motorway journey in the uk. Two of the best are Realtime Traffic Info and Traffic England both from the Highways Agency. I have recently discovered Traffic Map which seems to be even better. It looks like an improved version of the “Realtime Traffic Info” page without the speed issues that this page can sometimes display. Not only does it display current speed and the text on the large matrix signs it is also able to display the speed matrix signs for the variable speed limit section of the M25 near Heathrow. Very useful.

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Make Stupidity History

Caught a wonderful story on The Register today about a pair of burglars being fingered by there own SatNav system which I wrote up over at MakeStupidityHistory – they made Stupid People of the Day!

BT Privacy at Home

BT have recently announced “Privacy at Home” – what this gets you is free caller line id (Which was previously around £1.75 + vat a month) – To sign up go here and enter your Phone Number and Account Number. While you are there BT are also offering to sign you up for the Telephone Preference Service which should help reduce the number of sales people cold calling you.

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the very model of a modern labour minister

the very model of a modern labour minister : a tribute to Charles Clarke and his id cards – A humorous song about the impending ID cards in the UK.

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