Netflix Culture

A very interesting read on the culture of Netflix – something for all businesses to aspire to?

Subversion integration for Finder

In order to answer a plea for help from a commandline phobe for an easy to use subversion client for OS X I went searching for a TortoiseSVN equivalent.  Tortoise is the subversion client for Windows so I hoped that someone would have developed something similar to integrate with Finder.  After a little bit of searching I found scplugin and recommended it.  I finally got a chance to try it out myself this evening and so far it looks really good.

twitter on a nokia e65

Seeing as twitter seems to have stopped accepting my sms tweets without a PIN even though one isn’t set up I went in search of a simple twitter client for my phone.  The first one I found was twibble which so far is working very well and supports both tweeting via 3G/GPRS/WIFI on the phone as well as sending them via sms if you want.  Twibble also has support for using twitpic to tweet pictures.


As I have said in the past my favourite feed reader is feedonfeeds. The one this that has always been missing from feedonfeeds was a nice spangly UI. Thankfully it seems that some people have taken up the challenge and feedonfeeds-redux has been born. Looking at the UI redesign info it seems the spangly UI is coming soon! (Via Weblog Tools Collection)

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