Feeding on feedback and progress

Keeping track of a projects progress is a common desire and if the project you are interested in happens to be a WordPress plugin then there are a number of RSS feeds which are an important resource for you (replace plugin_slug with the plugins slug!).


The first of these contains all the support forum posts relevant to a particular plugin and the second is all the code changes that are happening in the plugins repository.

To keep track of these you have a couple of choices.

Firstly you could subscribe to them in your feed reader or if like me you like to receive emails for this sort of thing you can setup a cool tool called rss2email on your pc/server to email you new posts/changes.

Optimising Feed Reading Redux

In a comment to my earlier post “Optimising Feed Reading” Chris L points out Bloglines. I have previously steered clear of hosted feed readers because:

  1. I have somewhere that I can host for my self so don’t need to use a hosted service.
  2. I do not want to end up rely on something that becomes non free and I have to pay for to continue using.

However, I thought it was worth giving Bloglines a shot. What follows are my experiences gleaned from 15 minutes of use.
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IE7 – RSS View

ioerror has written a very good review of Windows Vista Beta 1 with a lot of good screen shots.

In his review he talks about the RSS feed support in IE7 beta 1:

One of the big things talked about in Internet Explorer 7 is its support for RSS feeds. Indeed, I found a couple already in the Favorites menu. So I decided to check out the IE Blog, and this is what I got. Obviously the RSS feed support still needs a lot of work, or at least a stylesheet. Hopefully this will develop further before release, or it will be pretty useless.

From: http://www.ioerror.us/2005/08/02/windows-vista-beta-1-review-and-screenshots-part-1/

In the screenshot he has on his site we see Internet Explorer displaying it’s standard pretty view of an XML file but not the nice view of the RSS we expected. I was suprised to see this as the test I had run of this feature against my sites RSS feed had worked ok as can be seen in the following screenshot.

ie7 displaying an rss feed

Looking at the feed returned by the IE blog that ioerror tested with all looks well and so it seems that the detection algorithm is not quite perfected yet – you would have thought however that the IE team would have tested it against there own blog!