Easy partial branch merging in git

Recently I have been trying to diversify my usage of source code control so as to be more familiar with the different tools that are currently popular so I have been using git more for personal projects and recently I came across a process hurdle that didn’t seem to have a simple solution:

  • We have a project in git hosted as a private repo at GitHub
  • We have multiple contributors
  • Development is happening in a development branch
  • development contains many commits that we don’t want in master because of the differences between production and development environments
  • development also contains code we don’t want to release yet
  • We want to maintain attribution for code changes in what is merged to master

All in all, it felt like this should be simple, right, surely I can just git checkout master && git merge development {path_to_folder_containing_code} right … well not really.

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Crafting for pleasure

Over the past year I have (re)discovered how much pleasure I can get from the creative arts.  Way back when I always derive this pleasure from getting out my camera and taking weird and wonderful pictures but more recently I have branched out into more hands on creativity.  This all started a year and a half ago when I decided that I should try to learn to knit.  So, Easter weekend 2015 I sat down with my Mum and learnt the basics of casting on, knit and purl stitches and then set to work on my first project (a scarf of course).  The scarf itself, like every other first knitting project, is pretty special – dropped stitches, extra stitches, rows of purl instead of knit stitches – but I still love and treasure it!  Over the next year and a half I’ve knitted my way through a bunch of projects including a lovely matinée jacket that I made as a christening gift for a friend’s daughter and a variety of hats and scarves.

This year I decided I wanted to branch out a little further and learn the basics of using the new sewing machine we purchased after moving house – finding ready-made curtains to hang on 8ft high windows is tricky and so we recruited help from my mother-in-law to sew extra fabric onto the bottom of the ones we found so they hang long enough, and for that we needed a sewing machine.  I spent some time with my mother learning the basics on her machine but really I learn best by doing so I thought it was time to find a small project/class that would help me feel more confident.  After thinking about what would make a good first project and the kind of things that I was most likely to want to make going forward I settled on the idea of finding an introductory quilting class.  I have always found quilts fascinating, they make great gifts and they are also a great way to personalise your own home.

After a lot of searching, it turns out a lot of classes expect you to want to go big or go home, I finally settled on a 3 hour class run by a local fabric store with its own sewing studio and knitting lounge.  The class was great fun and very accessible even for someone who has bared touched a sewing machine and only knows the basics.  Aurora is a great teacher and had everything all setup ready for us to dive in with material to pick from all laid out on the table.  As you can see from the photos below things progressed pretty easily over the 3 hour period and it was great to just be creative and not think about all the day-to-day stresses.

The only question now is…. what next?

First week at home with an escape artist

Esmeralda’s first week at home has been fun while also being a lot of work.  The cat is slowly starting to tolerate her presence on the same floor of the house (of maybe even the same sofa) and toilet training has been going well – we have the great warm sunny weather the first few days to thank for that. However, she has recently discovered that she can easily fit between the bars of the garden fence and has escaped off down the green belt a few times… so now the leash training starts in earnest and they may be chicken wire shopping in our future.  Today we have discovered the benefit of basking in the sun.  Happy days