PJW BlogMinder

Current Release: 0.90 (download) – Released on April 8th 2009

What it does

This plugin allows your users to configure a reminder to be sent to them if they haven’t posted in the last n days.

How it works

The plugin checks whether or not the user has written a new blog post within there specified reminder period


This plugin has been tested with WordPress v2.7.1 and should work with all recent WordPress versions.


The latest version of the plugin may be downloaded here: pjw-blogminder.0.90.zip

5 thoughts on “PJW BlogMinder

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  2. Robert

    Hi, great plugin, just what I was looking for!

    I am trying to get this to work with wordpress MU.
    Is there a way to have a default value set when you install the plugin? Say I want a user to be reminded every 14 days but without going to the profile page and setting it up himself.
    So basicly I am asking where in the code I would have to edit to make the default “No reminder” to be “14 days” when installing the plugin.

    You can expect to receive a generous donation if you help me out with it. Feel free to email me.

  3. @Robert: Hopefully this should work out of the box with WordPress-MU. If it doesn’t I would love to know what I need to do to make it do so.

    I used the user_options abstraction in WordPress so that it should work for the multiuser case.

    At the moment, the maximum reminder length you can set is 7 days using the admin, to change this you have to hack the plugin and increment the maximum in the for loop in action_personal_options. I will probably up this maximum to something longer like 14days in the next version, 7 was a quick punt for a sensible maximum. I will also add a filter on this value to enable you to modify this maximum without hacking the plugin in future.

    As for setting a default, the plugin gets it’s default of 0 from the way the filter on get_user_option_pjw_blogminder_threshold works. It filters the value and ensures it is a positive integer. If no value exists the value it gets to filter is false and absint makes this 0.

    The best way for you to filter and set a different default is to add a second higher priority filter on get_user_option_pjw_blogminder_threshold which returns your default value if it receives false.

    I’ll look into adding a filter for default value in the next version too.

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