As I have said in the past my favourite feed reader is feedonfeeds. The one this that has always been missing from feedonfeeds was a nice spangly UI. Thankfully it seems that some people have taken up the challenge and feedonfeeds-redux has been born. Looking at the UI redesign info it seems the spangly UI is coming soon! (Via Weblog Tools Collection)

Optimising Feed Reading Redux

In a comment to my earlier post “Optimising Feed Reading” Chris L points out Bloglines. I have previously steered clear of hosted feed readers because:

  1. I have somewhere that I can host for my self so don’t need to use a hosted service.
  2. I do not want to end up rely on something that becomes non free and I have to pay for to continue using.

However, I thought it was worth giving Bloglines a shot. What follows are my experiences gleaned from 15 minutes of use.
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Optimising feed reading

As I get more and more into blogging I have seen the number of different feeds that I read on a daily basis wax and wane a fair bit. For a while I have played with a number of different desktop based feed readers and more recently web based feed readers. It is now over a year since I started reading blogs on a daily basis and the following article chronicles my journey through a number of feed readers.

Sage screenshotIf I remember correctly I started with Sage. Sage was very easy to use and it was good at keeping track of what articles I had/hadn’t read and provided a nice look-and-feel to the feed display.

I stuck with Sage for quite a while but it didn’t quite hit the spot with regard to integrating the tracking of a large number of feeds. I found myself frustrated by the process of switching between the different feeds to read the new items – what was missing for me was an integrated view with the unread posts in chronological order – In other words you have to read through a feed at a time which involves a lot of switching around the UI and can suck up a lot of precious feed reading time.

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