The awesome Siobhan

If you read and reflect on one thing today let it be this one. I’m in awe of the amazing work the women in the WordPress community do and I’m saddened every time something like this happens. I’m glad that Siobhan felt able to write this piece and I hope that the community learns from it and we continue to build a better community.

Odd sized prints

Need to print some odd sizes photos like I did today? If so Odd Prints is your friend. Really simple to go through and organised the 4cm square and 4×6.5cm prints I need to fill the photo clock I received as a present.

svn spelunking

As I sit here blaming code to find the original source of a line of code I’m beginning to think that svn needs a new improved version of blame called spelunk it would work something like this:

$ svn help spelunk

spelunk (curse, showup, show): Output the content of specified files or URLs with the original revision and author information in-line ignoring white space changes and following movement of code between files.

Yes – I know I am dreaming 😉