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  1. Debs

    Hi Again Guys!, If you are still getting pestered once you have registered with the TPS, ring their dedicated complaints line on 0845 07 00 707 and press option 2, that is their complaints team and they are very good. Again, failing that, you can be re-numbered by BT free of charge, don’t forget to request ex-directory though or you’ll be back to square one. Good luck !

  2. Ian Goldie


    I’m trying to sort something out for my wife’s very elderly step-mother who is being plagued by between 6 and 6 calls most days – very upsetting for someone in their 80s. They mostly seem to be calling from abroad (she’s alreday on TPS), possibly selling cheap phone calls.

    I phoned the silent calls number and from there tried Call Blocker Ltd which seems to sell a device for just under £50 which they promise will block ALL unwanted calls.

    Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks.


  3. John

    Hi there. Can anyone tell me who much BT Privacy at Home costs?

    Thanks for your help/

  4. Debs

    Hi guys !…..Again let me stress that if the call has come from outside the UK, there is nothing that can be done unfortunately.
    These offshore call-centres are not governed by UK laws, therefore do not have to abide by them (unless of course it is a UK Company based offshore) then, as long as you have set up TPS you have the right to complain to TPS complaints who will happily help to sort it out. Make sure you are ex-directory (which is a free service from BT) and that you have caller ID and a compatible phone (with an LCD screen) so that you can screen your calls.

    Call Blocker tells personal & invited callers to press 5 after they dial your number. It’s like your own personal secretary.
    Since a dialer does not understand words and cannot press 5, it CANNOT make your telephone ring. Instead it marks the number as a disconnected line and so it will not be called again.
    I just don’t know if I’d be willing to part with £50 for it though….maybe you could look on Ebay?.
    Good luck anyway. Debs

  5. Alan

    As I’ve just found out it’s not fre if you don’t make any chargeable calls! They will sting you for the cost of BT Caller ID.

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