Lemon Sole with Bacon and Mustard

Continuing the tradition started by drDave here we have first of what may yet become a weekly series of recipes. I can’t promise much but I will try to provide a worthwhile recipe once in a while.

This weeks culinary delight combines a variety of ingredients into a special meal – it may be wise before starting to prepare the dish to ensure that the kitchen is free of cats as they have been known to consume the bacon if left out for a few moments whilst you are preparing the lemon sole. In extreme circumstances, for example if the neighbourhood cats have not been fed for days, it may be necessary to purchase one or more extra packets of bacon as a peace offering to allow you to prepare your supper in peace.

Anyway, before I ramble on so much that you fall asleep, on with the recipe:

  1. Take one lemon sole fillet per person and smoother the skin side with mustard, although not too liberaly or you will ruin the delicate flavours of the fish.
  2. Carefully roll the fillet up with the mustard coated side on the inside so that you have a tasty looking fish roll.
  3. Take a rasher of bacon away from the cat, which by now has sneaked through your defences and was just tucking in, and wrap it around the fish roll as a protective layer.
  4. Rinse and repeat until you have prepared one role per person.
  5. Place the fish rolls out of reach of the cat under a fierce grill for about 5 – 6 minutes or until the bacon is just cooked by which time the fish should be ready

The fish rolls are best served with a selection of seasonal vegetables and a special tomatoes and onion sauce which can be prepared as follows:

  1. Take one small onion and chop in finely into bits
  2. Fry the onion in a little olive oil and till softened
  3. Add the byte sized diced tomatoes and fry gently
  4. Finally add a large dash of white wine and simmer rapidly so as to reduce the wine down
  5. Add some fresh Greek yoghurt to the pan, once you have removed it from the heat, stir through and serve with the lemon sole parcels.


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