Curried Chicken Pasta Salad

In an attempt to revitalise the long lost tradition of Recipe Monday today we bring you a quick recipe for Curried Chicken Pasta Salad (Yes, I do realise it is Tuesday today but this is still a Recipe Monday recipe, after all it was invented on a Monday). This recipe was invented out of frustration after finding out that none of the many recipe books that litter our house, not even the backbones of the collection Complete Illustrated Cookery Course by Delia Smith or Leiths Cookery Bible by Prue Leith and Caroline Waldegrave, actually contain a recipe for the epitome of a curried English summer dish – Coronation Chicken.

Without further ado we bring you the recipe:

  • Mix together the following spices English Mustard Powder, Medium Curry Powder and Turmeric in the following ratio 1:2:1 – In general the basis for the ratio should be teaspoons but if your feeling particularly brave try using dessert or tablespoons. Add to the mixed spices a generous dollop of greek yoghurt and a dash or two of lemon juice. Mix together the spices, yoghurt and lemon juice until you have a consistent colour and texture.
  • Now take the pasta, chicken and any other salad ingredients that take your fancy e.g radishes, tomatoes, cucumber etc. and mix together (It helps to remember that you have already cooked and cooled the pasta at this point otherwise you may find the salad takes on quite a crunchy texture!! It is also worth noting that the chicken is also precooked and for those of you that just threw raw chicken I suggest you return to the start of the recipe and read closer this time ;-))
  • Finally mix the pre-prepared curry sauce with an equal quantity of mayonnaise and use to dress the pasta salad.