WordPress Codex – Its not a playground – It’s the online documentation

Elliott feels that he has had a bad experience on the WordPress codex and is troubled by the way it is being run. He feels that the codex has become an unfriendly playground and that he no longer wants to play.

It truth what happened was he arrived at the codex with his own preconceptions about how the site was run and how he should behave. He ran straight in without finding out what was going on and how new content was being authored.

The codex has a set of guidelines about contributing and in particular “Creating a new Page”. These state specifically that the recommended process is to create a Temporary page under your user page and work on the drafting process. Then when you feel the page is ready you move out of your User Pages and into the main content of the codex.
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WordPress Backup Week

Next Week, July 23rd to 30th, is WordPress Backup Week and I encourage you all to backup you blogs.

I have recently started backing up my site using skippy‘s excellent wp-db-backup plugin. If you don’t want to use a plugin to do your backups Podz has some excellent instructions for setting up a cron job to do the backups.

One thing that is worth noting which ever backup route you take is that you should keep your backups off-site to be safe. What I mean by this is that using a cron job/plugin to create backups which are then emailed to an account hosted on the same server as your blog is not necessarily a wise idea.

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