Charleston, SC

A few photos from my recent work trip to Charleston, South Carolina which included a lovely walking tour of Charleston and a trip to the Middleton Place plantation.

Madrid, NM

A few photos from our trip to Madrid, NM during the recent Automattic Happiness Team meetup in Santa Fe. As seems to be becoming a tradition at these meetups I start the week intending on taking a lot of photos and then end up enjoying the company and forgetting to get the camera out so these are the only photos I have from the whole trip šŸ˜‰

My ethos for sharing code

A recent discussion around the way we write and share small helper scripts inside Automattic made me think a lot about why I do things the way I do and why I am against “authorship attribution” in shared code.

The views I have are strong and I think a good guiding principle for working collaboratively with your peers especially in Open Source projects:

I am very strongly against authorship attribution ā€“ it puts up a barrier to contribution by setting a subconscious ownership barrier around things.

I give you my code to do as you wish, I mold your code to do as I wish, I blame early and often when searching for bugs, and I expect you to have forgotten you wrote the tool Iā€™m asking you about especially if you committed it yesterday!

What is your ethos and what do you think of mine?

Happiness in Lisbon

As part of my slow run in to my new job with Automattic I had the pleasure to spend a week out in Lisbon with the Happiness team getting to know them and learning about all the things they would like me to do.

While I was there I also took a few photos:

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