vs Pandora and the age of “ad supported” online radio in the uk

I am an avid fan of, the uk based social music platform and was please to see today the announcement of new functionality within the website to allow the playing of full-length tracks and albums for free. This new reminded me of the announcement a couple of weeks ago from Pandora that LABELS AND PUBLISHERS FORCE BLOCKING OF PANDORA IN THE UK (there empasis not mine!).

How can one company achieve it but the other say it’s not possible I wonder?

Music to commute by

I have got so used to my short commute to work over the past few years that I had forgotten how important it is to select the right music when your commute is a long drive. Over the past few days I have made a number of trips to visit a customer site and tried to select the right music to keep me going on the long journey each way. From the few CDs that I have listened too over the last few days the following seem to have served me best:

Oxygene by Jean Michel Jarre
A tranquil and relaxing classic electronic album. It has a wonderful relaxing effect after a stressful day.

The Oncoming Storm by Unearth
A modern heavy metal epic – really wakes you up in the morning.

Musicality by Salako
This is a wonderful album on a sunny day. It is melodic, cheerful and always enjoyable.

What is your favourite Music to commute by ?