Purchasing your tax disc on-line

Yesterday when collecting my car from the garage after it had passed it MOT the customer service adviser mentioned that with my new style Computerised MOT certificate I would now be able to apply for my tax-disc on-line.

In turns out that to apply for a tax disc on-line you have to meet the qualifications set out here and then you go to this new e-government website and fill in you details.

I can’t wait to try this out when I have to renew my tax disc next year. Much easier than a trip to the post office to join a queue 😉

WordPress v2.0 Beta 1 Available

WordPress v2.0 Beta 1 was made available late last week and by the looks of the activity over on the special beta forum a lot of people are giving it a good test!

There is a growing list of plugins which have been tested with the beta for compatibility which can be found on the codex and everyone is welcome to contribute. I for one have to work on my version checker plugin to make it WordPress v2.0 compatible as the current css leaves it overlapping the main logout and profile links.

Keeping track of traffic problems via the web

There are a number of different free and paid for sites on the web that allow you to keep track of current traffic problems that might affect you motorway journey in the uk. Two of the best are Realtime Traffic Info and Traffic England both from the Highways Agency. I have recently discovered Traffic Map which seems to be even better. It looks like an improved version of the “Realtime Traffic Info” page without the speed issues that this page can sometimes display. Not only does it display current speed and the text on the large matrix signs it is also able to display the speed matrix signs for the variable speed limit section of the M25 near Heathrow. Very useful.