Subversion integration for Finder

In order to answer a plea for help from a commandline phobe for an easy to use subversion client for OS X I went searching for a TortoiseSVN equivalent.  Tortoise is the subversion client for Windows so I hoped that someone would have developed something similar to integrate with Finder.  After a little bit of searching I found scplugin and recommended it.  I finally got a chance to try it out myself this evening and so far it looks really good.

twitter on a nokia e65

Seeing as twitter seems to have stopped accepting my sms tweets without a PIN even though one isn’t set up I went in search of a simple twitter client for my phone.  The first one I found was twibble which so far is working very well and supports both tweeting via 3G/GPRS/WIFI on the phone as well as sending them via sms if you want.  Twibble also has support for using twitpic to tweet pictures. vs Pandora and the age of “ad supported” online radio in the uk

I am an avid fan of, the uk based social music platform and was please to see today the announcement of new functionality within the website to allow the playing of full-length tracks and albums for free. This new reminded me of the announcement a couple of weeks ago from Pandora that LABELS AND PUBLISHERS FORCE BLOCKING OF PANDORA IN THE UK (there empasis not mine!).

How can one company achieve it but the other say it’s not possible I wonder?

unscheduled downtime

Sorry for the unscheduled downtime on the WordPress Version Check webservice earlier but I had to shut the power off quickly on this server after we discovered the central heating system was leaking quite close to some of the main circuitry. It’s all up and running again now and wpbot should also be chatting away back in #wordpress. Now we just need to buy the replacement part for the primary heating circuit so that we can have hot water again 🙁