7 thoughts on “WordPress developer documentation

  1. Yeah phpdoc and phpxref have two different views on the same info. The phpxref site is coming soon – I just found the phpdoc site useful for finding bugs in the phpdoc comments we were adding.

    As for BackPress, well that is special! Basically it is the core of WordPress stripped down for other projects to build on, it is currently used in bbPress trunk and some of the files in wp-includes in WordPress come from BackPress too. It’s a very low key project at the moment though.

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  3. BackPress does indeed seem to be shrouded in mystery right now and it would seem that it will be a while before WordPress replaces its core files with BackPress as in its current state will most probably break the majority of WordPress plugins…

    It is a great idea tho, I am using WordPress MU (2.6.3) and have installed bbPress (1.0.alpha2) and although I now have my log ins working across both, it is still very hard to try and use your existing templates for WordPress within bbPress… (I really should just stick to making a bbPress compatible version of my WPMU theme).

    An example of what would be a good idea, bbPress loads a WordPress template (as of yet not configured for bbPress) – BackPress should handle functions like bloginfo() and reduce the need for using if (function_exists('bloginfo')) {}.

    I guess these features are a long way off – but I cant wait to see all of this implemented better.

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