It’s bug hunt time.

It’s time to dig out that can of RAID and get bug hunting again. Lloyd suggested another bug hunt on the wp-testers list and Ryan has suggested a time 01:00 UTC on August 30th 2006 (Although due to work commitments it likely I won’t make the Bug Hunt until 17 hours later :-(). For more information about the bug hunt process you can read the questions and answers section of the WordPress Bug Hunts page on the codex.

If you need some help in understanding the process of using subversion to access the WordPress code and applying or making patches then I suggest you read through one of the few articles about working on WordPress – Specifically there are Marks’s instructions for working on MAC OS X or Linux and my instructions for working with Tortoise SVN on Windows.

So what bugs are we hunting this time? Well my personal preference would be for people to work through the lists of Has Patch tickets, i.e. those which someone has coded a fix for, and test the patches against the current trunk code adding bg|tested and/or bg|commit to the keywords for the ticket so as to show that the patch works as described and is ready for commit to the WordPress code. After all we have far too many patches, 187 at present, sitting there that either need committing or rejecting.

Hopefully then Ryan can work through the list of Commit Candidate tickets committing them to the code :-).

6 thoughts on “It’s bug hunt time.

  1. What does “bg|tested” and “bg|commit” mean? As opposed to just “tested” and commit”?

    Is there a document that defines the common tags used in WP Trac?

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  3. bg|tested an bg|commit are just the original way that the bug gardeners were adding information to the keywords fields to help populate the different views. The searches for the views were changed a while ago to support either the old style or the new style markings.

    I don’t know of any documentation that details the tags commonly used on the WordPress Trac

  4. Ah yes, “bug gardners”. Matt’s love for “gardners” — I enjoy knowledge gardners too. It is funny that bug gardner is not mentioned anywhere in the codex.

    Who are the BGs?

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