Stealing content for profit.

Reviewing my referrer logs again after the recent hotlinking issues I noticed another new referrer cropping up Taking a look at the site in question it seems to be a WordPress install aggregating the content from a lot of WordPress blogs including most of those pulled into the official and unofficial WordPress planets ( and respectively).

The new site seems to have the sole purpose of generating money from adsense clicks based on other content which I’m sure goes against the licence I have my content under (CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0) and as such I have contacted Google to complain about the sites participation in the adsense program. Searching Google for mentions of it seems like I am not the only person to notice there content being stolen.

4 thoughts on “Stealing content for profit.

  1. I’ve had issues with the site as well. I hand pick items from RSS feeds, and write the posts, with links directly to the theme/plugin/tip authors, nothing aggregated about my site (I read hundreds of posts titles looking for content). Then to only to see my posts show up on that site burns me to no end. Never thought about contacting google ads about it. I too use a CC license through the feedburner options.
    Would it help if more than one site contacted google?

  2. I think the more people that contact google about the site the better. Especially if your content is being taken too.
    When I find sites like this I tend to contact google via the feedback links on the adsense ads themselves to ensure they get as much relavent information as possible.

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