nano-itx seen in wild

I hate to imagine how long I’ve been waiting for Via’s nano-itx boards to be released. It seems that they are finally escaping out into the consumer world. I won’t be holding my breath though as there imminent release has been reported more than once before! But I want one, I’m not quite sure what for yet but I’m sure it will complement the Epia SP mini-itx board that powers this server.

One Response to “nano-itx seen in wild”

  1. Mick Sear says:

    Looks like there will be 6 models in total: 3 different processor speeds for the Epia-N (533Mhz, 800Mhz passively cooled, 1Ghz actively cooled) and 3 models with the same speed configurations for the Epia-NL, which has no ports hard-soldered to the board, just header pins.

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