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The follow is a list of some of the WordPress plugins, and plugins for WordPress Plugins, that I have written. I spent a lot of time writing and supporting the plugin code available from this site. If you would like to show your gratitude there are donate and wishlist links below and on the plugin pages themselves as well. Click through on the links to read all about the plugins and download them:

SK2 – Simple Digest plugin:

A simple digest email is sent every n hours with a report on the recently caught spam (since last mail basically) much the same as you can see through the Spam Karma 2 plug-in options page. There are also options which enable you to set a threshold below which comments and to allow you to have the digest report sorted by karma rather than chronologically.

SK2 – Moderate Plugin:

Enforces the following WordPress administration settings relating to treatment of comments:

  1. “An administrator must approve the comment (regardless of any matches below)” (under Options … Discussion)
  2. “Comment author must have a previously approved comment” ( also under Options … Discussion)

The plugin works by running after all the other Spam Karma 2 filters and ensuring that if either of these Discussions options are enabled within WordPress then for comments to which they apply (All comments in the case of (1)) the plugin ensures that the highest karma level a comment can achieve is -1 so that all comments must be moderated before appearing on your site.

WordPress Version Check:

The aim of this plugin is to help people keep up to date with new WordPress version releases.

WordPress Cache Inspect:

The aim of the plugin is to help people analyse the behaviour of the cache builtin to WordPress v2.0. It provides the administrator with a quick overview of how the cache is performming and allows the cache to be cleared manually from an admin page.

WordPress mime-config:

This plugin allows you to configure extra mime-types for support by the inline-uploader.

Query Child Of $Page:

This plugin allows you to run loops within your WordPress templates where you query for children of the current page.

Page Excerpt:

This plugin allows you to specify a specifc excerpt for WordPress pages

PJW BlogMinder:

This plugin allows your users to configure a reminder to be sent to them if they haven’t posted in the last n days.

JS Hotkeys:

The plugin gives you a number of javascript hotkeys on the frontend of your blog like P2 does.

29 Responses to “WordPress Plugins”

  1. […] WP-ContactForm – lets me snap in a simple clean contact form into a page. […]

  2. […] WP-Contact Form Everyone needs a good contact form. Very simple. […]

  3. […] WP-ContactForm – Un plugin para crear un formulario de contacto. […]

  4. Roberta says:

    Got the plug in for the contact form in my page. Now now do I configure it so I get the contact information? Your instructions say to Configure the plugin on it’s settings screen. Settings … Contact Form. Where might that actually be?

    • westi says:

      That would be in the admin pages of your WordPress install.

      On the left hand side expand the settings menu (the bottom one normally) and the select Contact Form from there.

      The url will be like http://your.domain/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=wp-contact-form/options-contactform.php

  5. Where is your WP Contact Form plugin notes? Am I blind, because I don’t see it. I’ve downloaded the plugin on my blog, have it activated and ready to rock and roll, however how do I add it to a post or page?

    Please advise.


  6. Zahra says:

    Thank you for creating the simple contact plug in, I was excited to find something that was just a basic form. I got the plug in installed and activated, but when I sent a test message to myself using the form, the email never showed up. I tried using a different address with the same result. Any ideas what might be causing this? Thanks in advance for your time. Best, Z

    • Zahra says:

      Fournd out that this was a problem with my host, yahoo. Have since switched to bluehost and it works just fine. Thanks!

  7. Ben says:

    hi ,

    My quicktag isn’t appearing when I am creating a page. How do I get the form to appear on the page?


  8. Brian says:

    what code do I enter in order to activate the contact form? I don’t see a quick tag so I’m trying to do it manually like [wpcf]. thx

  9. Lesley says:

    Thanks – after pulling my hair out all day with contact form plugins that didn’t work I finally found yours. It works perfect and is nice and simple .

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