Winter Sunlight

Sunlight shining through the trees on a crisp winters day
The sunlight shining through the trees on a crisp winters day while we were out for a walk was lovely

4 thoughts on “Winter Sunlight

  1. For a shot like this you need to dial back the exposure by at least one stop so the sky isn’t blown out. The foreground will be darker but in a shot like this the naked branches would look wonderful against the sun! If you can, expose off the sky by looking straight up and then take the shot you want by composing it.

    Sometimes the magic of a moment is really hard to capture in a picture, especially if you’re having a nice time so you have to work doubly hard to convey that magic in the pixels.

    Hope that helps!

    1. Thanks for this. I’m trying to get better at adjusting more things when taking shots like this – at the moment I’m pretty much an aperture driven photographer and mainly just adjust the aperture to change DOF / capture movement.

      I’m going to see how much more of the sky I can recover from the RAW files from this shot though 🙂

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