Living on the edge

I’m proud to announce that this site is now “living on the edge” – I finally found the time to write a Tag Importer for Bunny’s Technorati Tags which will hopefully make it into the final WordPress 2.3 release (if not the next Beta version).

Well it was about time to start running the my own code.

One of the new features that really sticks out after upgrade is the Plugin update notification – it lets you know when updates to plugins which are downloadable from are available and includes a link to the plugin entry for you to download the update.

2 Responses to “Living on the edge”

  1. […] Tag Importer for Bunny’s Technorati Tags […]

  2. […] really glad to be able to retire this plugin, specially as Peter Westwood has written an importer for it. That means you should have no problems converting your bunny-tags into wp-tags. Thank you very […]

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