Some people just don’t get ebay!

It amazes me that some people still don’t quite understand how ebay works. I am currently trying to purchase a CD, Deep Forest by Deep Forest, secondhand. It’s quite old but there seems to be a few available to purchase at a cheaper price than amazon are selling them for so I thought I would try my luck with ebay. The other day a quick search netted 3 copies currently available which I added to my ebay watchlist and was waiting till near the end of the auctions before bidding. I checked this morning to see how they were doing to find that one new user had bid on all three and was currently in the position where they had won one of the auctions which closed last night and were winning the other two even after in one particular case another new user had tried in vain to outbid them driving the price up from ~50p to ~£6 in the space of 5 or so minutes.