5 thoughts on “WordPress Version Check v1.0

  1. artistique

    In the area where the version is supposed to show up, I get an error “XML-RPC Error:-32300:transport error – could not open socket…” Any idea what that might be, or how to fix?


  2. Hi artistique. I’m not sure the exact cause of that error.

    However other users have found that if they update to the class-IXR.php from the current WordPress trunk then this error is fixed so I recommend you try that.

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  4. I am seeing the XML-RPC Error:-32700:parse error. not well formed message again, but I am running with version 1.7 of class-IXR.php which was the fix that had previously been suggested. This is standard in WP 2.2.1 install. This just started happenning in the last two days, and I have not updated anything on my server during those days.

    Any suggestions on what I should look at would be appreciated. I am still new to WP, but I am not afraid of a bit of code. My sources are unmodified at this point, other than the import plugin code I had to modify to import my wife’s blogger blog, as the standard ones did not work for a custom server or handle the images properly. In general I have been quite happy, but I am still running into little weirdnesses.

  5. Rich: Thanks for letting me know. It turns out the upgrade I did on my server last night to php 5.2.2 broke the xmlrpc webservice.

    It turns out php 5.2.2 has a nasty bug which leads to $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA never being set which breaks most PHP xmlrpc and soap implementations out there!

    It’s now all fixed.

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