Montserrat Holiday Snaps

Whilest on our recent holiday to Spain I got to try out the photostitch capabilities of the digital camera.

Here are the results of this experiment autostitched back together by software. Very impressive if I may say so myself.

View from the top of the mountain at Montserrat

View down the valley at Montserrat

Update: And a cropped Gecko photo:


2 thoughts on “Montserrat Holiday Snaps

  1. Brilliant. I expect to see more. Isn’t the landscape there so amazing? I’ve been over just about every bit of Spain and it never fails to fascinate me.

  2. You want more. You got more! I’ve added a cropped gecko shot too. Found him lurking on the rocks somewhere quiet :-). The landscape was amazing I only wish I had had my SLR with me to get some even better photos of the views.
    Maybe when we return to visit Barcelona and it’s famous fountains I’ll take my camera and go in search on some more views.

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