WordPress Cache Inspect

What it does

The aim of the plugin is to help people analyse the behaviour of the cache builtin to WordPress v2.0. It provides the administrator with a quick overview of how the cache is performming and allows the cache to be cleared manually from an admin page.

How it works

The plugin displays a small semi-transparent box in the top right hand corner of the page for all logged in users with the manage_cache capability. By default this capability is given to the Administrator user at plugin activation and removed from the Administrator user at plugin deactivation. Any user with the capabilty will also be able to clear the cache using the Manage … Cache page which appears in the administation interface.

Cold Cache Hits
This is the number of cached items that were loaded from disk.
Warm Cache Hits
This is the number of cached items accessed that were already in memory
Cache Misses
This is the number of items that had to be fetched from the db as they were not in the cache.
Loaded data
This lists the type and amount of data loaded into memory from that currently stored within the cache..

Known Issues

The plugin hooks into the builtin cache object and relys on accessing some of its private data to extract the statistics as such it is not compatible with any of the available cache alternatives.


This plugin requires WordPress 2.0 or later to function as it relies on the existance of the cache and the ability to detect plugin activation/deactivation to register the new manage_cache role.


The latest version of the plugin may be downloaded here: pjw-wp-cache-inspect.0.50.zip

66 thoughts on “WordPress Cache Inspect

  1. Marco

    Hi and thanks for this plug. I’m using WP 2.05 with your newest version, unfortunately there’s nothing showing up in my top right corner. The CSS is written just before the closing head-tag of the page and the delete cache option in the backend is there, too (although it doesn’t work, but states so :o).

    I deleted the cached files manually, too, because i thought the page without the pop-up might be cached itself, but no chance, any idea?

  2. Marco – have you enabled the cache in wp 2.0.5 – by default it is disabled in the later versions of the 2.0 series and you have to enable it manually by adding a line to wp-config.php – define('ENABLE_CACHE',true);

  3. Marco

    I already did that. Maybe it’s a conflict with another plug or i kicked out something from my templates, your plugin needs to be loaded. Never mind and thanks again, i’ll try it again with my next blank installation of wp, maybe then i’ll find out what was going wrong. If you’re interested in further investigations, please contact me via email.

  4. Bob

    Just a note that I added the DB query time in seconds to the semi-transparent box. I added the following after the line that outputs the number of DB queries:

    echo “<strong>Time:</strong> “; timer_stop(1); echo ” sec<br/>”;

    I find this to be very convenient.

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