SK2 – Simple Digest plugin

Current Release: 1.20 (download) – Released on July 6th 2006

Functional Summary
A simple digest email is sent every n hours with a report on the recently caught spam (since last mail basically) much the same as you can see through the Spam Karma 2 plug-in options page. There are also options which enable you to set a threshold below which comments and to allow you to have the digest report sorted by karma rather than cronologically.

Known Issues

  • Link at top of email not always correct. – Fixed in v0.02 Alpha
  • Comment that causes digest report does not get a full report – Fixed in v0.21 Alpha
  • Inital timestamp may not get set correctly
  • Foreach error if no spams since last run – probably when a non spam comment occurs – Hopefully fixed in v0.05 Alpha
  • Link at top of email to spam section of SK2 pages doesn’t work – Fixed ready for next version in v0.951.

Features still to be implemented

  • Option to send digest every n spams rather than every n hours
  • Ability to view the part created current digest.
  • Add links after every comment in digest email to perform following actions:
    • Confirm moderated comment as spam – Added in v0.21 Alpha
    • Recover moderated comment as ok – Added in v0.21 Alpha
    • Delete spam comment from database.
  • Display last comment time next to the last run time in the admin ui – and possibly describe last run time better
  • change karma report format to be like this – Added in v1.0:
    • +0.5 – Link Counter: Comment has no URL in content (but one author URL)
    • Total karma on start of line
  • Optional html report
  • Advanced option to disable detailed karma report
  • Configurable Karma threshold below which comments do not appear in the digest. – Added in v1.0 – thanks to zedrdave for the code 🙂

Example Digest Report

There are currently 0 comments in moderation
There have been 2 in the last 1 hours.

Spam summary report:

Report on comment number 1 (id=1703)
Comment Author: Maurice
Comment Type: Comment
Comment Content:
meuwfgae erdfcv

Spam Karma 2 Report:
   -2.50 - Encrypted Payload: Encrypted payload valid: IP not matching.
   -3.32 - Post Age and Activity: Entry posted 2 months, 1 week ago. 0 comments in the past 15 days. Current Karma: -2.5.
   -9.18 - web_UI: Manually confirmed moderations.
  -15.00 - Overall Karma
Rescue comment from spam: url

Bug reports welcome (Please comment below!)

28 thoughts on “SK2 – Simple Digest plugin

  1. Mattie: That feature is already in the latest code and has been in for a while. I wonder what version of the plugin you are running? If there are no spams to report you should just get a log message. Try updating to v1.20 as available above and see if that helps.

  2. woops.. I’m terribly sorry! Somehow it didn’t occur to me that it was already there in the newer version.. (I guess it’s the heat ;)).

    I was indeed using v1.0, the one included in the current SK 2.2.. I upgraded, and see it’s been fixed. Sorry for the silly remark and thanks for the great plugin!

  3. I’m not sure why I didn’t notice it earlier (I’ve been away for some time too ;)) but..
    With the latest version, I’m still getting mails saying I have spam which are all under the threshold for example:

    There have been 3 comment spams caught since the last digest report 1 day, 4 hours ago.

    Spam summary report (skipping karma under -20):
    Summary is ordered by date.

    All spams caught recently are under the threshold (go to SK2 Admin screen to see them).

    So it would be nice if there would be an option to not send mails with empty report? Or I am doing something wrong here? 🙂

  4. mattie it seems you have found a subtle bug in the code which decides wether or not to send a digest email!

    It counts the number of spam comments since the last digest email – not the number of spam comments with a karma above the threshold!

    I’ll have to fix that and release an updated version 😉

  5. ah, that’s nice! 🙂 (in the sense that my remark wasn’t completely useless ;))

    looking forward for an update.. 😉

  6. heycd

    Thanks for making the plugin, which works nicely on my blog. I changed the address in my WP User Profile a week or so ago, and the digests are still sent to the previous address. Is there a way to “reset” the password in Simple Digest, or is this likely to be a WP issue instead?


  7. cd: The plugin uses the admin email address which is the email address you entered when you originally installed WordPress. This is stored as an option in the wp_options table in the database and is independant of the profile info I believe.

  8. cd

    Thank you, found it and changed it. Interesting that other nearby entries can be changed from WP’s interface, such as the blog name and slogan, but not that one. I figured that this had surely surfaced before I ran into it, but guess not.

    I love this live comment system by the way. You need to share the recipe…&^)

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