Page Excerpt

Current Release: 0.02 (download) – Released on March 30th 2008

What it does

This plugin allows you to specify a specifc excerpt for WordPress pages

How it works

The plugin adds an extra box to the set an Optional Excerpt for a WordPress page similar to the box which is available for posts. The box is aded using the dbx_page_advanced hook for versions of WordPress earlier than 2.5 and using add_meta_box() for WordPress 2.5 and later.


This plugin has been tested with WordPress v2.0.4 is should work with all WordPress versions that support pages (v2.0 and later).


The latest version of the plugin may be downloaded here:

36 thoughts on “Page Excerpt

  1. Charles


    I deleted all pages – the site needed a little restructuring and since the page excerpts were causing a problem. . . what the hell! I also deleted all excerpts on the site.

    Still no luck.

    The excerpt box is still the one inch high box and has in it – this did not appear prior to the instillation of this plugin.

    I re-installed wordpress and everything functions again – seems your plugin adds something to the database that headspace doesn’t like.

    BTW. . . the plugin “excerpt editor” does posts and pages and has no conflicts with headspace and tinymce excerpt editor.

    I would advise not to use this plugin if you are using headspace

  2. @Charles: Very strange. I will have to have a look at what the headspace plugin does and try and work out the incompatibility. My plugin does not add anything to the database but just hooks into the support for excerpts that is built into WordPress.

  3. Westi,
    I don’t know what went wrong. It does seem that headspace has some issues with other plugins as well. It doesn’t like the lighter menus plugin that well either.

    The strange thing with your plugin is what it did to the excerpt box on both pages and posts once it was installed–no more than 1 inch high, small even for the standard excerpt box.

    FYI, other plugins that were installed that may have had some issue with all this – “excerpt editor,” “tinymce excerpt editor,” “advanced excerpts,” and of course “headspace2.”

    Good luck in figuring it out.

  4. This plugin is a great idea, I really wanted something like it to style search results so that pages had an excerpt like the posts do. I installed/activated your plugin in a WordPress 2.6 install, and when I use the excerpt on a page, the page disappears from following search results. Adding in the “Search Everything” plug-in doesn’t seem to help, the pages where I use this plugin just vanish from search results. Anyway… I’m still looking for a way to fix this, but if you just “happen” to know a quick work around… THANKS! 😎

  5. @John: All the plugin does is enable you to put content into a database field that would otherwise be empty. The search still works fine on this site. Don’t forget that it is ordered by date so the pages may not be the first thing to be returned.

  6. Thanks for the reminder! The fact that the pages have disappeared from the search results after the introduction of your plugin to our site is not a question. I searched on a proper noun that was only found in four pages and four posts. Each page disappeared from the search results immediately after saving a page with a page excerpt. I have deactivated all other plugins so I’ve pretty much ruled out conflicts. As far as I can tell the error is down to either core, search, our theme, or your plugin. I will continue hunting down the source of this one, I was just hoping you could provide some insight. Thanks anyway!

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  8. Pontus

    This plugin sounds great! I have a question though: Is it possible to include the excerpt when I list the subpages of a page? Like this structure:

    Title of a page
    Excerpt text excerpt text excerpt text excerpt text excerpt text excerpt text excerpt text excerpt text excerpt text excerpt text excerpt text.

    Another page title
    Excerpt text excerpt text excerpt text excerpt text excerpt text excerpt text excerpt text excerpt text excerpt text excerpt text excerpt text.

    And so on, with all the subpages of a particular page.

    Is this possible?


  9. @Pontus: Yes that is exactly what I wrote this plugin for. Along with my query child plugin this is what this page is generated using.

    <?php query_posts('static=true&posts_per_page=-1&child_of='.$id.'&order=ASC'); ?>
    <?php if(have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>
    <dt><a href="< ?php the_permalink();? rel="nofollow">">< ?php the_title();?>:
    <dd style=""><em><?php the_excerpt(); ?></em></dd>
    <?php endwhile; endif; ?>

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