my wordpress toolbox

A long time ago I wrote about the ways in which you can get involved in WordPress development using free available tools on windows in my post “Windows WordPress toolbox”.  Since that post I have come up with a number of useful scripts and shortcuts that I use in my WordPress development.

Here are a number tools that I use most often, these are a set of bash functions which you can stick in your ~/.bashrc file on your linux machine or mac :

//Download a patch from a trac install and apply it to a svn checkout
//e.g. wp-trac-patch
wp-trac-patch() {
svn revert -R . & curl "$1?format=raw" | patch -p0
//Search through a subversion checkout using grep (only search the .php and .js files)
//e.g. wp-grep the_excerpt
wp-grep() {
find . \( -name "*.php" -print , -name "*.js" -print \)  | xargs grep "$1"
//Merge a change from trunk to a branch in a subversion checkout of the whole repository
//e.g. wp-merge 1234 2.6
wp-merge() {
svn merge -r $(($1-1)):$1 trunk branches/$2
//Output the svn:eol-style property of all the files in a repository
svn-eol() {
find . \( -name "*.php" -print , -name "*.js" -print \)  | xargs svn propget svn:eolstyle

I hope you find this useful