SK2 – Moderate Plugin Update

Now available for a Spam Karma 2 install near you a updated version of my SK2 Moderate Plugin.

New features:

Enforces the main WordPress admin setting “Comment author must have a previously approved comment” (under Options … Discussion) within Spam Karma – The plugin ensures that the highest karma level a comment from a new author can achieve is -1 so that all comments must be moderated before appearing on your site.

Why it does it:

I have had reports from people suffering from periodic torrents of abusive/spam comments when there site is linked from an online forum – These comments always come from new authors and they would like to force those comments into moderation however well they fare in the normal Spam Karma 2 checks.

Important Usage Note:

In order to get the best performance from this Spam Karma 2 plugin you must ensure that you disable the Captcha Check Treatment plugin – otherwise all the commenters that get pushed into moderation by SK2 Moderate will get the chance to rescue themselves by passing the Captcha test!

Please visiting the permanent page for the plugin for more info and to download.