Hospital Food

It seems to have been quite a long time since my last post on the 2nd of August and I don’t seem to have got a lot done! 🙁

It all started with a nasty cold that had me sleeping pretty much solidly for a couple of days and then after a few more days rest I thought I was ok and returned to work. However, a working day and a half later I started to feel quite bad again and ended up heading off to the Doctors for some antibiotics as I was coughing up nasty green phlegm.

A few days later I had to head in to hospital nice and early in the morning for an ECG and Echo test which had been booked for quite a while. I didn’t really feel like going when I woke up but dragged myself in and managed to cope with having the tests done. While there I managed to get hold of the consultant that monitors my heriditary muscle condition, who decided that she would check the oxygen and CO2 levels in my blood to make sure they were not too low/high. Reviewing these she decided to change the antibiotics for some much stronger ones and to sign me off work for a week and a half to ensure that I got lots of rest and got better!

Rolling on over the next few days I started to get better but I still wasn’t right – I was coughing quite a lot but struggling to clear any of the phlegm from my lungs/throat :-(. Then on Tuesday morning I woke up very short of breath and after a few hurried phone calls it was decided that the right place for me was Hospital :-(.

I can now report that I’m feeling much better – the hospital food was actual quite good – the main problem being that there just wasn’t enough. I’m now looking forward to spend some of the rest of my post hospital recovery time working on finishing a few of my ongoing projects before I return to work.

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