WordPress Version Check v0.90

WordPress Version Check v0.90 is now available.

The follow minor changes have been made in v0.90:

  1. Improved check for Tiger Admin Plugin – When detected alternate CSS is used for message display. Thanks to MarkJ for the new and improved CSS.
  2. readme.txt included in the zip file with installation instructions.
  3. Updated version number to 0.90.

The following new features have been added in v0.90:

  1. Added support for wp-dash plugin with a builtin WordPress Version Check widget.
  2. For advanced users who are installing this plugin on multiple blogs that they administer for others you can now enable email notification of new messages.

The email notification feature works in the following way. If you look in the source code of the plugin near the top you will see a line with:

var $admin_email = "";

If you put an email address in there then an email will be sent every time the message to be displayed changes.

var $admin_email = "user@example.com";

The email received will look something like this:

Message from Version-Check/0.90
Running at http://example.com
Wordpress version is up to date.
Previous message was:
Wordpress version is out of date please upgrade.

Version 0.90 can be downloaded here: pjw_wp_version_monitor.0.90.zip

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