Gallery Annoyances

Of late I have stopped uploading photos to my local gallery install because I wasn’t happy with the UI. I want to start using plogger integrated with wordpress when I get the time, and it seems that I need it more than I thought. Whilest scanning through the search terms that hit my site it seems that at present the most popular incoming search is for “box hill” leading to some photos I took on a day out last year – Box Hill Photos – in particular one of the photos it seems has drawn some interest from someone writing a book – however due to the quality commenting system integrated in gallery I have a name and IP address but no email address to contact the interested party – so Jackie if you read this please comment below and i’ll get back to you!

One thought on “Gallery Annoyances

  1. Thanks so much for replying. I felt embarrassed to see my comment still
    sitting there for so long, but I couldn’t find a way of e-mailing you,
    or getting rid of it….

    I’ve now been able to get up that hill again on a clear, sunny day, and have
    a usable picture (maybe not as good as yours, though!). Of course, I
    wouldn’t have used yours without your permission, and I didn’t think you
    were going to reply.

    Still, thanks again for doing so. I appreciate it. It was for a book
    entitled “Literary Surrey,” which I’m just about to hand over to a small
    local publisher. As you can imagine, there’s a whole chapter on Box
    Hill. I still don’t have a good one of it from a distance, but I’ve given
    up on that!

    Well, I hope you have many more happy holidays to this part of the world.

    Best wishes, Jackie (Banerjee)

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