Leonardslee – Lakes & Gardens

As a late birthday treat, it was dull and rainy on my birthday, we went to Leonardslee – Lakes & Gardens yesterday. We had a really good day out and even though the garden is not yet in full bloom there is still a lot to see, including the wallabies! I had a chance tonight to sort through the photos that I took and here are few of them including my favourites:

A flowerAnother flowerA Canada gooseAn even more lovely flowerA wallaby!A birdA tasteful photo of a some fernsA picture postcard view!

All the work involved in uploading these photos, and doing all the resizing necessary to make them web-safe sizes reminds me that I really must get on and finish this new theme and implement the mini-photoblog sidebar that I want to have down the right-hand side of the site.

One Response to “Leonardslee – Lakes & Gardens”

  1. Julia says:

    Like the photos. Glad you had a good birthday day out. See you soon.

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