Comment Spam

Recently the comment spam on my blog has been getting out of hand (I get so few real comments that I’ve considered turning comments off altogether but that seems to break the whole blogging paradigm for me)
I’ve always had moderation turned on so none of it ever makes it on to the user viewable pages but deleting the spam every day was becoming a bit of a bore.

So I thought I’d try out drDave’s Spam Karma – I’ve had it running for a few days now and it seems to be working very well. The digest reports are useful and I’ve not had any false positive results yet!

2 Responses to “Comment Spam”

  1. Me says:

    So, am I spam or not?? Julia

  2. Me says:

    Well your spam karma thing says i look suspiciously like spam so you gotta look before i get displayed!! Julia

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