Woking Beer Festival 2004

Went to the Woking Beer Festival today.

Had a good time and sampled a variety of good beers including in no particular order:

  • Dark Star‘s Hophead (3.8% abv)
  • Beowulf’s Dragon Smoke Stout (4.7% abv)
  • Berrow‘s Topsy Turvy (6% abv) – which didn’t taste anywhere near as strong as the 6% that it was.
  • Hogs Back‘s TEA (Traditional English Ale) (3.8% abv)
  • Westerham‘s Black Eagle SPA (3.8% abv)
  • Wharfedale‘s Executioner (4.5% abv)

We also enjoyed the Pork & Apple Baps and Len Rawle playing the Mighty Woking Wurlitzer.