Lots of Photos

I’ve uploaded a lot more photos to the gallery on my site. The new photos cover about the past two years of usage of my Canon SLR which I’ve had digitised by jessops. The digitised photo quality is ok but doesn’t seem to look as good when enlarged as the photos from the Canon Digital IXUS II that the rest of the photos on the site are taken with. After doing some more research it looks like the 300dpi scan resolution used by Jessops equals about 2 megapixels.

Some of my favourite photos from these films are:

A lovely flower
A lovely photo of a flower taken at the Eden Project

A robin
A photo of a robin taken at the Eden Project

A chaffinch
A photo of a Chaffinch also taken at the Eden Project

A robin
Another photo of a Robin this time taken at the Lost Gardens of Helligan

The time is taken me to get round developing all these photos makes me hanker even more for a Digital SLR 🙂